Read This Now: “We’ll Always Have Fidel” by Anne Louise Bardach

Cuban president Fidel Castro (R) express

The Lotusland Chronicles

Do you know the one about Fidel Castro and the turtle? Cuba’s commandante was once offered a Galápagos tortoise as a gift. It was a tremendous offering — the creature can live more than 100 years. But Fidel refused. He protested, “That’s the problem with pets. As soon as you get attached to them, they die on you!”

Know even a shred about Cuba, and you’ll get the joke: Castro, at age 86, has weathered a revolution, battles, illnesses, and assassination attempts. He’ll last long, long, past the turtle, it seems. No wonder some call him “immortal until proven otherwise,” according to author, journalist and Cuba-whiz Anne Louise Bardach.

In a way, Castro is immortal, Bardach writes in a recent article in Pacific Standard magazine. Even when Castro dies, his legacy — and iron grip — will live on through carefully selected officials.

Bardach argues:

The United States, and many foreign governments, had expected communism to collapse…

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