Banks ATMs not functional in Timergara

The different banks ATMs machines are not functional in Timergara. These are the last days of Ramzan and people are busy in buying different items for Eid and need money, but unfortunately the ATMs were not functional. This evening we observed that many people who needed cash and visited almost all the ATMs in Timergara, but they were not facilitated. Some were machines were locked, some were switched off and some were out of cash. Despite the orders of the State Bank of Pakistan to ensure the availability of the Banks did not bothered to provide the customers own money to them. The Banks in Timergara are losing confidence of the inhabitants and customers.
State Bank of Pakistan is requested to monitor this situation in the remote areas and take strict actions against the responsible officials.

United Bank Gorgori/ Balambat Road Branch is out of cash


Bank Al Falah Out of Cash

Muslim Commercial Bank Closed.

Bank Al Islami Closed.

Habib Bank Limited switched off.

Allied Bank Closed/ Locked

Allied bank Locked

United bank Main Branch/ rest house road, Closed/ Locked.


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