Non Muslim displaced population from Wazirstan are deprived of cash grant

There are more than 100 non Muslim families displaced from North Waziristan Agency as a result of the Zarb-i-Azab military operation. These non Muslims are mostly Hindus and Christians. The military offensive started some two month ago. These non Muslims families are now living in other parts of the country some families are hosted in Bannu in Pannel High school and a church in Bannu.

These IDPs basically migrated to Waziristan from the other parts of the country, mostly for jobs and living there since decades. They have the Computerized Identity Cards – CNICs and in most cases they have both addresses in their CNICs, the current and permanent. The FATA Disaster Management Authority-FDMA has been disbursing the cash grant to the IDPs. As per government policy the cash grant is only given to those IDPs who have both addresses i.e. Permanent and Current addresses of Waziristan. Due to this policy the Non Muslim IDPs are deprived of the cash grants. Although they have been receiving non food and food items support from the authorities.

The Displacement from Waziristan was not an easy job. These IDPs report that they hired vehicles for travel ranging from Rs. 30 thousand to 50 thousand to cover 80 kilometer distance. These IDPs need money for their daily living expenses. FDMA is demanded to relax the policy and grant them the benefits which other IDPs are receiving.


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